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Remote Learning

Tech Troubleshooting

We're here to help. 

Start by looking through the troubleshooting videos and resources below. We are updating these resources regularly, as needed. They should help you with some common problems that are popping up. Just click the button below for the resource that you need help with. 

A note about DOE accounts (

We don't use the DOE accounts much this year, but if you'd like, you can access your child's DOE account credentials.  Be sure to carefully note your new username and password, as PS29 unfortunately does NOT have access to reset these for you!


This is the DOE webpage with info about accounts, and more: 

Accessing DOE Student Accounts

DOE iPads - Requests and Troubleshooting

Families may still request a DOE iPad at any time. These are great devices, they come with a sturdy keyboard case, and a cellular data plan - so they work without connecting to home WiFi. This is a good solution for families who have been struggling to share bandwidth for remote school and work. Please contact Ms. Sperry if you'd like to request a DOE iPad, and be sure to include your child's full name, date of birth, home address, parent phone number, and your child's OSIS number (if you know it!) in your email. 

Here is the DOE iPads and School Devices webpage with all info pertaining to DOE iPads. 

Here is the Technical Support for Families form, where you can request help with your DOE iPad. Francisco and Ms. Sperry are always happy to try to help as well, however these devices are strictly controlled by DOE, so sometimes we run into issues that are more easily resolved by using the Tech Support for Families form. 

I haven't found a solution here. How can I get more help?

We have a new CUNY intern tech, Amari, who works to support us. He works 15 hours a week for PS29, and will address issues submitted through the form below.
Please use this link to submit a Tech Support Request.

Either Amari, or another PS29 staff member that is familiar the issue you are experiencing, will contact you to help. Most of us are not IT experts, nor do we have all the tools that the "real" IT folks have for remote tech support, but we will do our best to help you through this!

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