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Grade 3 Library + Technology Resources

April 9, 2014

Online Safety Mini-Unit

3rd graders began a new mini-unit in Online Safety this week.  Please look for more information on the green notes that are coming home this week.  These need to be signed and returned after the break.  Parents can also find out more about talking to your kids about saying safe online by viewing this Parent Workshop presenation I gave a few years ago.

February 6, 2014

We are beginning a new unit in computer navigation and word processing.  Students are completing interactive online lessons at their own pace using a program called EasyTech.  We will soon be creating documents and learning how to format and add graphics in Microsoft Word. 
We are starting things off with a mini-unit on keyboarding!  Third graders are learning to use the correct finger positions (known as HOME ROW) on the keyboard:  A-S-D-F for the left hand and J-K-L-; for the right hand.  Please encourage your child to practice often, using the correct typing finger positions and TRYING not to look at the keys too much. 
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