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Grade 5 Technology + Research Resources

February 6, 2014

Students chose their Civil War research topics last week.  Homework this week is (again) to take at least 10 detailed notes about your topic on looseleaf.  Be sure to stay organized! Use bullets or whatever system works best for you.  Also be sure to log each resource on your Resources handout that you received in class.  If you need help finding good websites and information for your topic, use this link to the Research page.  There are also some great links here.  

January 23, 2014

Here's a link to a website we started using for Civil War research today:



January 17, 2014

Fifth graders have covered so much already this year in Tech + Research!  We started the year off with a few weeks of keyboarding to brish up on our typing skills.  Keep practicing at home!  Then, we moved into some advanced Microsoft Word skills and we learned the basic of using presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote. 
In December, fifth graders participated in an exciting, worldwide computer programming event called the Hour of Code.  If you have't already heard about it, be sure to ask your child to tell you more--you might even want to try out a little coding yourself!
Fifth graders have just begun a research unit in which they will be studying Civil War topics both in Tech and during social studies time in their own classrooms.  The fifth grade teachers and I are collaborating to plan a unit end project that incorporates the PowerPoint skills they learned earlier this year.  Once students have chosen their specific research topics, they will work to gather notes both in school and at home.  Check back here for research resources and further details!   
Please make sure you are still practicing your typing at home every week!  Remember to use the correct finger positions (home row) and try not to look at the keys too much!
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