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PS29 Registration Support

Before you get started, you'll need the letter that was emailed to you on May 10th, 2021, which contains detailed instructions for accessing the PS29 Registration Portal, as well as your child's new account login info. 

Your registration paperwork is due by Friday, May 21st. However, we would appreciate you completing it as soon as possible! 

Here is a quick start video (4.5 minutes) to demonstrate how to sign in and get started with the registration process. Watch this video to get started. 

Here is a longer video (12 minutes) that demonstrates in detail how to complete and submit the necessary forms in the PS29 Registration Portal. Watch this video if you are having trouble with any steps along the way. 

Some things to remember:

  • Be sure you are signing in with your child’s new Google account (not your own personal gmail). If you are using gmail yourself, you can sign out of your own account, OR use a different browser, OR open an “incognito window,” before you go to to sign in.

  • Google automatically saves as you go. You do not need to click anything to save your work. You can close it and come back to it at anytime. 

  • You do not need to complete all of the forms at once! It is a lengthy, detailed, but IMPORTANT process. Please take your time to complete each form carefully. 

  • When you complete a form, be sure to click Turn in and then confirm to submit the form. Once a form has been successfully turned in, it will turn from blue to grey in your list. This can help you keep track of your list. 

  • For some of the items, you will need to add an attachment before you turn in the document. Just snap a CLEAR photo with your phone, and then save it to your computer's desktop. Then, you'll be able to easily upload and attach it to the specific registration form to submit.

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