Zoom + DOE Account 



Kids now have to log into Zoom using their new DOE credentials. This requires that they first access their new DOE account credentials.  Be sure to carefully note your new username and password, as PS29 unfortunately does NOT have access to reset these for you! 

Once kids have set up their DOE accounts, they should log into Zoom using this new DOE username and password, also referred to as their @nycstudents.net account.


If your child is the only person using Zoom on the device, you should just log into Zoom with the new DOE account and stay logged in.  Here’s a 1-minute video showing how to login to your Zoom app with your @nycstudents.net account AHEAD of a class meeting

If your child is sharing a device with other Zoom users, s/he will need to log into Zoom using their DOE account each time they join a live session. Here’s a 2-minute video demonstrating how to click the Zoom link and login with your @nycstudents.net account at the time of a Zoom meeting. 

Here is the message sent by Rebecca and the PS29 Distance Learning Team regarding this transition to DOE Zoom. 

Finally, here are a few useful NYCDOE links:

Getting Started with Zoom

Accessing DOE Student Accounts

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