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Zoom Troubleshooting


Students may log into Zoom using their G Suite credentials OR their DOE credentials - both will work! However, you may find it easier to use your child's account to login, since they will be using that account for so many logins during remote learning. The important thing, for security and safety, is that your child must be logged into Zoom with their OWN account - not a parent or other family member's Zoom account. Their own name should be displayed when they log in. 

To login to Zoom with your PS29BK credentials, you will click "Sign in with Google" and then enter (or select from the list that appears) your child's PS29Bk username and password to gain access to the Zoom. Below are a few images that show the logins screens on both a regular browser (desktop or laptop) and on a mobile browser (iPad) or Chromebook. 

zoom sign in.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 12.47.48
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