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G Suite (Google) Troubleshooting

G Suite Troubleshooting

Common Issues for laptop, computer, Chromebook users:

  • You forgot to sign out of your own personal email and into your child's PS29BK G Suite account (this solves 95% of the issues we have seen!) 

  • Your Chrome browser needs to be updated. Here's how to update Chrome

  • It can also be helpful to SYNC your child's account to the Chrome browser. That way, you can save bookmarks of commonly visited websites for your child to access easily. I recommend bookmarking Google Classroom, Epic, and Zearn for a good start. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like to sync your child's account to your browser - - - >>>

  • If you share a device, I suggest each user choose a browser and stick with it. For example, your child always uses Chrome and you always use Safari.

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